Saturday, December 10, 2011


"Early on, they were thrown out of a local restaurant for singing along to the jukebox. "We'll be on that jukebox someday", they vowed. The girls first met Lou Christie in 1961 at a concert where he was performing in the band "Lugee and The Lions". He took them for a ride in his Cadillac. He sang while they did back-up harmony. He told them "If I ever get discovered, I'll call you", and they said the same to him. A year later Lou hit it big with his single "The Gypsy Cried" and he brought the girls in to sing backup for him. He also signed them to a contract with United Artists and they recorded three singles. Despite local airplay, the weepy "Take Back Your Ring", the sweet "Gypsy" and the absolutely insane "Egyptian Shumba" all failed to chart nationally throughout 1963-1964. By 1965, Lou Christie was using another tough sounding girl group to back him, Jessica James and the Outlaws, which consisted of Bernadette Carroll, Denise Ferri and Peggy Santiglia. Meanwhile, The Tammys continued to play local shows and sing background tracks until later in the decade; but with three no-hit singles to their credit, their waxings became impossibly rare and the group became a footnote in music history."


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